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How I Work

My approach and style is direct, honest, and to the point. I listen to requirements and follow-up with the right questions that are designed to avoid hidden agendas, to question basic assumptions, and to move from planning to action. I will probe for the opportunities and challenges that might exist within your organization or the department(s) in question, then plan for clarity and positive change, all within the context of building the framework or action steps to meet your stated goals.

I will give you the textbook answer using a best-practice lens and then follow-up with the contextual answer that brings together your uniqueness and the complexities of the task in front of us. And from that point, we will move to demonstrating how these answers can work for you, meshing your needs with strategic approaches that get results. My commitment to you is to provide expertise, experience, common-sense wisdom, objectivity and energy — all for the purpose of meeting your goals.