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What I Do

Leadership Transition: Interim Executive Management & Executive Search
Ensure honest yet sensitive, professional short-term or longer term contractual leadership. Working closely with board of directors, either maintenance or bold action can be determined as the means to the agreed-to end. Realignment, personnel changes and additions, and other strategies are all within a possible framework for action.

Change Management: Crisis Intervention, Start-Ups, Turn-arounds, Mergers, Acquisitions, Dissolutions, Agency Evolution, Systems Redesign, Intermediary Creation
Launch, rebuild, or turn around a nonprofit agency, a collection of community groups or a government agency or program through visioning, leadership development, community buy-in, and planning and execution. A creative and honest look at the right answers for complex and tough situations may mean looking at new models and new ways of allocating resources.

Assessment and Planning: Strategic Planning, Stakeholder Surveys, Environmental Scanning
Collect , evaluate, and synthesize information to help organizations develop strategies and work plans. A blend of fresh, bold ideas and objective pragmatism helps the organization navigate key decisions.

Meeting Facilitation
Build team and discover group wisdom with a focus on clear deliverables through just the right mix of brainstorming, negotiating, listening and problem-solving. Both a science and an art, utilizing the right tools, environment, and supporting logistics.