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Who I am

I am a high-energy pragmatist for enhancing and/or spearheading an organization or program’s ability to be successful. I go beyond maintenance work; I make real and positive change happen — quickly.

I am well known for my ability to help clients secure fresh and oftentimes creative insight around what is really needed to gain new focus and energy around mission and vision — in order to set focused, realistic and outcome-based directions for the future.

I can present you with the concepts/framework OR I can put words into practice, developing systems and protocols, providing practical coaching and technical assistance, and implementing action plans to meet the goals established.

I am passionate for the causes of the groups that I serve and am a hopeless optimist working within the philosophies and values of human redemption, of equal opportunity and justice, of the innate power of community and of transparent system change.

I offer a fresh, creative, hands-on and collaborative perspective based on solid experience in a number of key organizational skill-areas. I work closely with my clients to ensure that the work is always cost-effective and focused on their most critical needs.